Solar remains the most favorable renewable energy power source to pair with storage. In a GTM Research poll, solar lead with 71 percent over other technologies, which received less than 14 percent of interest. A number of solar industry project developers have developed or are actively pursuing storage, and several residential solar leaders expanded their storage offerings as well. 

As solar-plus-storage continues to prove it’s the perfect pair, more solar developers have been integrating storage in a variety of projects, from utility-scale to residential solar. Top installers have expressed their interest in installing projects by offering solar-plus-storage packages, which may contribute to another spike in deployments over the next few years. Though financing these complex projects has been a barrier, incentive programs have enabled these projects and brought them to completion. GTM Research has connected the solar-plus-storage boom with California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), the state’s renewable energy project financial incentive program, providing the equipment specifically to projects implementing solar-plus-storage. As these complicated projects continue to be installed together, the technologies will come hand in hand.


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The Economics of Solar Storage — Where Are Future Cost Reductions Going to Come from?
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