Travel Services

San Francisco is California's fourth largest city and is well known for its internationality. Its location on the coast makes it the perfect place for an international event. The excellent transportation infrastructure offers the exhibitors and visitors of Intersolar North America easy access to the exhibition venue and tourist destinations around the city.

Exhibitor Housing

ees and partner, Convention Management Resources (CMR), provide exclusive hotel accommodation pricing to eesNorth America exhibitors. We guarantee the lowest available room rates with our preferred hotels.
Exhibitor housing is now available

Air Travel

One of the world’s 30 busiest airports, SFO provides superior services to ensure its travelers have the best experience possible when flying to and from San Francisco.


Rail Travel

Comfortable, fast, safe and eco-friendly – California’s rail system can easily connect you to local transportation, surrounding areas as well as cities outside the Bay Area.


Public Transportation

The local public transportation network takes exhibitors and visitors directly to Moscone Center.



The Moscone Center is easily accessible from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Interstate 101 and bridges. Easy to follow driving instructions will guide you there in no time at all.


Visa Application Form

Filling out this quick and easy form takes just a couple minutes. Your request is sent directly to our team, who'll then send you an official letter to include with your visa application, which states that you will be visiting San Francisco on official business. Complete Online Form