Warning: Expo-Guide and Fair-Guide

It has come to our attention that the companies "Expo-Guide" and "Fair-Guide" are currently contacting ees North America exhibitors. In their correspondence, the companies requests that you check your company details against those shown in an attached order form, and that you provide further information where your details are incomplete. The company claims that this is necessary in order to update the existing details in the exhibitor catalog, so that potential customers can easily establish contact with your company.

Please note:

If you comply with this request, you will be concluding a three-year contract with "Expo-Guide" and/or "Fair-Guide" for the publication of your company details. This contract entails annual costs of Euro 1,271.00 (Expo-Guide) or USD 1,697.00 (Fair-Guide).
The ees organizers, Solar Promotion International GmbH and Freiburg Management & Marketing International GmbH, hereby explicitly state that they have no commercial or contractual relationship with "Expo-Guide" or "Fair-Guide"!

The companies "Expo-Guide" and "Fair-Guide" were neither authorized nor in any other way prompted to contact our exhibitors for the purpose of updating information for an exhibitor catalog. If, in individual cases, any information does need to be updated, we would request that you contact FWTM or the responsible project manager directly.
If you have already signed the Expo-Guide or Fair-Guide order form and have thus concluded a contract with the companies, please consider whether you wish to immediately contest the validity of your declaration on grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation. You can also terminate the contract in order to ensure that you will not be subject to a purchasing obligation in the future. In this context, we refer to the decision of the District Court of Cologne of July 4, 2007 (Ref. 9 S 44/07), pursuant to which the acceptance of an offer of entry into an online catalog can be contestable on grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation, even where the monthly costs for this service have been stated, if the presentation and wording of the offer are deceptive. We recommend that you seek legal advice.

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