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Exhibition: July 11–13, 2017
Conference: July 10–12, 2017


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DatesJuly 11- July 12
BoothLevel 2, Booth 8433

Free for all Intersolar / ees visitors


Tuesday, July 11, 2017  

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM | Market Overview, Regulatory Framework & Successful Business Models

Key players of the US storage market will provide a highly topical three-hour industry information session based on a detailed overview of the market status in the US storage sector. Today’s most innovative approaches and business strategies will be discussed, including insights of leading manufacturers, distributors and installers in a panel discussion. Refine your business case by listening to experts of the sector and learn how to develop a consistent plan at a national level for the effective installation and distribution of storage products.  

10:30 AM            The Evolution of Energy Storage: A Holistic View into the Past, Present and Future

10:50 AM            Status-Quo and Future Scenarios for Energy Storage in the U.S.: Deployment Trends in the Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Segments  

11:10 AM            What’s Next for Energy in the U.S.? Evaluation of Competitive Market Designs & Business Models  

11:30 AM            The Utility of the Future  

11:50 AM            Executive Roundtable Discussion: Building the Storage Bridge between West & East

12:50 PM            Grid Architecture Today & Tomorrow: Roll and Function of Energy Storage for the Energy Supply System  

1:10 PM             Assessing Innovative Business Models for Battery Storage in the U.S.  

1:30 PM             Session Closing  


2:00  – 4:30 PM | Finance & Bankability

This session will take a closer look on successful methodologies for finance structures following the requirements of the current storage market situation. Financing issues still play an important role in the storage deployment plan. Banks, investors and developers will share their long-sighted market evaluations in this afternoon session and give an outlook on the role of storage in the US in the short- and long-term perspective. Benefit from valuable findings of finance experts of the energy sector and learn how to best tackle challenges and capitalise on current market trends.  

2:00 PM             Successful Energy Storage Investments: Financing Solutions vs. Different Business Models?  

2:20 PM             Emerging Financing Mechanisms for Systems and Projects – How will they Change the Market?  

2:40 PM             Clean Energy Ownership Program: Energy Cost Reduction Plus Value Creation  

3:00 PM             Investing in Energy Storage: Steps to Increase Bankability and Attract Investment  

3:50 PM             Project Financing: Contractual Concerns, Long Term Assurance and Third Party Financing Scenarios  

4:10 PM             Investment Appraisal for Energy Storage – Highlighting the Investors’ Perspective  

4:30 PM             Session Closing    


Wednesday, July 12, 2017  

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM | Technological Advancements Driving Energy Storage Deployment and Maximizing ROI

Industry leaders will present successfully proven storage innovations as well as identify improvement opportunities for the existing storage technologies while complying with the environmental and security requirements. Delegates will gain a deep understanding of latest design improvements, best practices and technological advancements in the sphere of energy storage and maximizing the profit with today’s most efficient technologies of the sector.    

10:30 AM            Finding the Right System Solution: Key Characteristics for Residential and Commercial Applications  

10:50 AM            Managing Risk: Energy Storage System Design and Safety  

11:10 AM            Electric Utilities and Battery Storage: Utility Value Drivers  

11:30 AM            Executive Panel Discussion: Evaluation of Main Technologies and Application Segments for Energy Storage Systems  

12:30 PM            Technological Advancements for Behind the Meter Energy Storage Projects  

12:50 PM            Interplay of Storage and Intelligent Software Controls: Improving the Consumption Profile  

1:10 PM             Assessment of the Pros and Cons of Microgrids and Grid Extensions for Obtaining Reliable Access to Power  

1:30 PM             Session Closing    


2:00 – 4:30 PM | Real-world Field Experiences and Insights (Residential, Commercial & Utility Scale Storage)

This session will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the real world of energy storage directly from market shapers. Our experts will introduce applications and technologies that currently are operating in the residential, commercial and utility scale facilities. Listen to actively involved companies of the storage market explaining their different roadmaps to a successful implementation and sustainable growth.  

2:00 PM             Case Study: Advanced Multi-Resource Microgrid Projects  

2:20 PM             From Conception to Implementation: Essentials for Securing Project Success (Utility Scale)  

2:40 PM             From Conception to Implementation: Essentials for Securing Project Success (Commercial Segment)  

3:00 PM             From Conception to Implementation: Essentials for Securing Project Success (Residential Segment)  

3:20 PM             The Dos & Don’ts in Energy Storage Project Development: Lessons Learned and Exclusive Insights by Key Stakeholders  

4:10 PM             Real-world Field Experience: PV and Storage for Grid Stabilization and Emergency Power  

4:30 PM             Session Closing